Sound recording and sound editing had been my specialism at art school (graduating with a First), and I began recording sound professionally in 2008, whilst working as a camera assistant on the BBC Storyville, Simon Mann’s African Coup: Black Beach Prison, filmed in Equatorial Guinea, West Africa. Since then, I’ve recorded sound on broadcast and feature documentaries, dramas, and commercials on locations around the world.


My sound package includes a Sound Devices 633 mixer/recorder, Sennheiser 8050, 8060, and 416 microphones, wide-band Audio Wireless radio microphones, and a wireless camera-hop.


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Sound Recordist credits include:

Our Queen at Ninety


Told in the words of those closest to her, 'Our Queen at Ninety' features interviews with family members about what the 89-year-old is really like, as well as showing behind the scenes footage of her life while homage is paid to her many years at the helm of the Royal family.


As well as recording Kate Middleton’s first solo broadcast interview, I also recorded William, Duke of Cambridge; Charles, Prince of Wales; Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall; Prince Andrew, Duke of York; Sophie, Countess of Wessex and numerous other characters throughout the film.

Viewing figures on Tx were 7 million.


“You have nurtured, carried and protected your baby for 9 months. And now that you’ve given birth, they’re the new centre of everyone’s life. And while their first days and weeks are important, your 10th Month is just as important and deserves attention too.”

We filmed 10 women as they learn to navigate this particularly poignant time, providing an intimate look at their 10th Month and an encouragement of support for all new mums. 
Directed by Elizabeth Stopford | Photography by Jeremy Pollard | Sound by Nathan Kendall and Lucy Pickering | Produced by Dark Energy films for Bepanthen. 

KFC “Around the World in 99 Gigs”

The series of branded commercial shorts for KFC by BBH/Black Sheep Studios, shot over 21 days across Europe and North Africa. Directed by Tom Green, and lensed by Christopher Ross BSC


"Kill 'Em All" RadioLab, WNYC (UK Sound Recordist)

Real spies choose the ten most thrilling spy movies ever, in a programme that also reveals how top fictional spies compare to their real-life counterparts, and which spy films are closest to the truth Find out more here:

A brand new series looking at the restoration projects of The Landmark Trust and the amazing history behind them. Coming to Channel 4 on Wednesday 14th October at 8pm.

Bare Films viral-turned- broadcast commercial for Debenhams (UK) *Awarded BRONZE Film Lion at Cannes Lions* I was soundman. Shot on 5D & 7D Dir Joanna Bailey DP: Jeremy Pollard

Tyger Takes on Revenge Porn*

A Dark and Stormy Night: Frankenstein and the Vampyre*

Life is Toff*

Psychopath Night* (inc. B-Roll Camera)

Saturday | 9pm | Channel 4 Psychopath Night unravels the mystery of psychopaths, exploring how their minds work, counting down the top ten movie psychopaths and revealing familiar faces on the psychopathic scale

BBC documentary about the last days of Anne Boleyn, deciphered from various texts and interpreted by a number of historians who each have a different take on the rise of fall of Anne Boleyn in the tudor court. I was the sound recordist. Dir: Rob Coldstream DP's: Rob Goldie & Tim Cragg Sound: Nathan Kendall Oxford Film & TV for BBC

The Flag

Qatar National Museum inc. additional camera

Feature drama-documentary about how a group of passionate book lovers risked their lives to save the Gazi Husrav-Beg Library from destruction during the siege of Sarajevo. It's also a film about the importance of books, about how libraries are the heart of our cultural identity, repositories for history and memory. Winner of the Audience Award, Sarajevo Film Festival, and Tribecca Doha Film Festival. I was the soundman. DP: Jeremy Pollard Dir: Sam Hobkinson Sound: Nathan Kendall Prod Co: Oxford Film & TV

Richard Serra: 7 inc. additional camera

30min Documentary about Richard Serra and the construction of his piece, 7, in Qater. This is a snippet of the film, for which I was soundman (and I promise there's actually a lot of sound in the real film!) and 2nd Unit Cameraman. Shot on Arri Alexa Filmed for The Qatar Foundation/Al Jezeera DP: Jeremy Pollard Dir: Ian MacMillan Sound: Nathan Kendall Prod Co: Oxford Film & TV

Stand alone 60min documentary film for the BBC's Storyville strand. Also shown on America networks as part of the Wide Angle strand, under the title 'Once Upon a Coup'. I was the AC and Soundman for the shoot in Equatorial Guinea, West Africa (the GV's, Simon Mann's interview, and President Obiang's interview). We shot on the Varicam, and unusually, I dialed in much of the 'look' in-camera. I also helped as a technical liason. It was a tense few months(!) waiting for visas, but when we actually got to EG, wow, it was exciting. Was a really professional team behind this film, and it a great project to have contributed toward. Dir: Christopher Olgiati Prod: Michael Chrisman & Roy Ackerman Exec Prod: Greg Sanderson DP (for Equatorial Guinea): Jeremy Pollard Sound, AC & Additional Camera (Equatorial Guinea):Nathan Kendall Prod Co: Fresh One (2009)

Qatar: An Oral History

The Genius of British Art*

Seven Ages of Qatar inc. 2nd unit camera

This is the trailer for a documentary, 'Seven Ages of Qatar', made in Qatar for Al Doha/National Day 2010. Shot on the RED. I was the soundman. It was windy!!!

A trailer for a short documentary "The Tale of the Jade Pendant", for Al Doha TV and for later use in their Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar. Principally filmed in India and Qatar, on the RED, with lots of use of Swing & Tilt lenses. I was the Soundman …and 2nd AC…and… Dir: Teresa Griffiths AP: Hugo Godwin Cinematographer: Jeremy Pollard 1st AC: Anthony Hugill Soundman: Nathan Kendall Oxford Film & TV production for Al Doha TV Shot on the RED

Internet viral for Heineken as part of their build up to the world cup. Filmed over a cold February day - those poor guys! I was the Soundman. Director: Joanna Bailey Producer: Helen Hadfield Cinematographer: Mike Eley Soundman: Nathan Kendall Bare Films production Shot on S16mm


Camera + Sound credits

Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust


In The Future (series)

Genealogy Roadshow (Italy Segment) Shooting PD

End of The World

Cold Blood (Teaser)

Ten Bill10n (feature doc) Documentary Segments

Sex Box - Documentary interstitials Location Director*

Eastern Front Project*

The Miraculous Journey (feature doc)*

The Installation of ‘Verity’

[Imagine] Dancing with Titian

[Exposure] The Hunt For Bin Laden*

King George & Queen Mary *

Only When I Dance‘B’ camera (feature doc)*

War On Knives PSC Director*

[Dispatches] Tricks of the Dole Cheats*

[Dispatches] A Widow’s War On Yobs*

[Dispatches] The Children Left Behind*

[Dispatches] The Truth About Your Food*

Michael Landy: H2NY*(feature doc)

Ten Billion by Stephen Emmott (teaser)