I'm a London-based production sound recordist and documentary cameraman, currently Co-Directing a BBC Feature Documentary in between productions.

This site, as well as showcasing my film & television experience, is also collection of images and mainly gathered whilst travelling and working on projects, usually overseas. It represents a range of photographs taken between 2004 to the present day. My images are not documents in the traditional sense, but vignettes of personal experience. I photograph for my own purposes and my purposes are to simply shoot for myself, for fun. I’ve an affinity with photographs not normally associated with my filming work - these expressions are driven by a mischievous sense of curiosity and explore ideas and techniques imbued with humour and moments of melancholy, absence, and incompleteness.

In a way, the images on this site are a travelogue of life on the road, the people I’ve met and places I’ve been. Much of the work here draws upon my last winter adventure, when I travelled by train from London to India, by way of Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia - a trip of 42 trains, 10 countries, a few hairy borders, numerous barren plains, and more than 8,000 miles with nothing more than a small bag, a camera, an audio recorder, my wits and perseverance. As well as taking a few photographs, I became a superb visa gatherer and checkpoint negotiator in the months on the road.

This is the first time these photographs have been presented.