Nathan Kendall Cinematography Showreel

TEN BILLION | Feature Documentary

The opening sequence I both shot and recorded sound on, for Peter Webber's 2015 feature documentary, Ten Billion. 


HOW DID WE COVER ELECTION 2015| from May 22nd 2015


Watch BBC Radio 5 Live’s whistle-stop tour and behind-the-scenes footage of Election 2015 coverage. Filmed by numerous cameraman across the country - In addition to some of the film’s opening, I shot the sequence based in a Middlesborough factory (1:15 – 2:00).

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END OF THE WORLD NIGHT | Saturday 9pm. April 4th 2015 | Channel 4

How will the world end? If Hollywood is to be believed, we could be wiped out by anything from volcanoes and asteroid strikes to a zombie apocalypse. End of the World Night will look at the science facts behind the science fiction, and with leading scientists and foremost academics, we’ll count down to reveal to how the world will really end.

“The apocalypse film is one of the most popular and prolific genres of science fiction, but the truth could be even scarier than the movies. This one-off special documentary examines this captivating area of science in closer detail, and tries to answer (in true Channel 4 style) one of life’s big questions: How might our world end?”

GENEALOGY ROADSHOW | Tuesday 9pm ET/PT. October 14, 2014 | PBS.

A sequence I shot in southern Italy (as Shooting PD) for PBS' Genealogy Roadshow, S2.